Thursday, January 31, 2013

An Evening Illuminated

On his blog, AN EVENING ILLUMINATED, film bloggler Iain Stott posted positive reviews for The Mountain, The River and The Road and "Driving Around, Following Strangers." 

He recently conducted a survey of filmmakers and film writers to see how the Sight and Sound top 100 fares among a more diverse group of film lovers and asked me to participate.  After lots of back and forth and agony, I got through it, although you could spend a lifetime perfecting a list like this.

Read the survey DETAILS and check out the reworked canon and check out my RATINGS to see what you think.  Feel free to comment and tell me you disagree.

Also, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I had to leave over 25% of the films listed as unrated because I either haven't seen or didn't bother to finish them.

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mgueva said...

Lovely review of MRR, Mike! I'll have to print out your list and try and watch the ones I haven't seen (which are a lot of them). Just because.