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Thanks for your interest!  I'm a Seattle filmmaker and artist and I'm excited to collaborate with you on your next project.  Whether you're looking for someone to see your project through from concept to completion or you simply need a director, editor, videographer, color timer to join an existing crew, I'd like to help you out!

When you hire me, you get access to all my equipment which includes Canon HDSLR and HDV cameras along with quality tripods and a video monitor so we're sure to get great quality images.  My audio package includes two Sennheiser wireless lavs as well as a Rode shotgun mic and H4N audio recorder so we can get the cleanest possible audio for any kind of shoot.  Once production is wrapped my post production resources will get us to the finish line.  I use Final Cut Studio along with professional audio and video monitors so we'll not only get your footage edited, but we'll make sure it looks and sounds great on any system.

I can't wait to talk to you about your project and how we're going to really make it stand out!

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