Sculpture and Other Art

Here's some other stuff I've made that I hope you'll enjoy...


Made during a break from The Mountain, The River and The Road, this was meant to be a submission for Ain't It Cool's Crazy For Cult contest.  Didn't have time to finish it until the contest was long over, but I'm glad I did.  David Cronenberg's Videodrome is one of my favorite movies, strange and shocking to this day.  Rick Baker's effects work is some of the most unusual and disturbing in cinema.  This is a sculptural homage to some of the famous imagery of the film.


Prop from Lauren Is Missing.


Prop from Lauren Is Missing.


Prop from Lauren Is Missing.  The best compliment I got was when a friend tried to set it off.

Ice Cave

Prop from Lauren Is Missing.


I made this Elmer for my Halloween costume last year (2011).  I had to rush it a bit to finish him in time but it forced me into a crash course of learning latex casting and airbrushing acrylics on latex (also made me realize rubber cement is NOT the way to go!  Hint: Use Pros-Aide instead).


M. Pinedo said...

Fun sculptures! Also, you photographed them very well :)

Mike Harring said...

Thanks, Marivic!

George Tramountanas said...

That bear trap? It's made of paper! Looks real - can you blame me for trying to set it off?