Sunday, November 27, 2011

OT - Holiday Spirit!

Sorry to get off topic, but my mind is a fucking mess! I'm sort of worrying about festival submissions and when Lauren is actually gonna get done and did I forget to do something for MRR and by the way fuck that asshole who wrote that shitty review that, eh has a few good points. But really, since it is the season, I'm worrying about lightning deals on Amazon because maybe that movie I don't really need is gonna be on sale super cheap and what kind of shit should I try to get people to buy me?!

This is generally what's going through my head right now. It's raining outside... Seattle sucks right now. I need some rain shoes. Some cool looking rain shoes that work in the snow too and will keep me warm. That's what I need to get through this winter! Me! Me! Me!

And since it is supposed to be a time about giving, suddenly the guilt strikes. I'm spending too much time thinking about me. What about Kirsten? What about my family?

...maybe Kirsten would like that new Star Wars blu ray set with all the deleted scenes even though Vader now screams "No!" at the end of Return of the Jedi.

God help me!


mgueva said...

Your honesty is refreshing. Seattle does suck right now with the constant rain. It just sucks my will to live sometimes. There is a small reprieve every other day, but MY GAWD I hate it. Yes. Waterproof shoes are helpful. If not for mine, I would never leave the house and watch episode upon whatever show is intriguing me at the moment.

I'm with you on the Me, Me, Me, too. But you're doing what you can and showing up to do your part in whatever it is you need to do. Being self-centered is sometimes part of the job. I think it's okay. The fact that you are aware you may need to expand your senses to think of other people is a good thing.

Mike Harring said...

You're too kind! It's great to know I'm not alone!

It's taking a lot of effort not to be hugely disappointed by the cyber Monday deals right now.