Sunday, May 2, 2010

"PETS" Day Two

The second day was our first at our friends' Jason and Betty's house. Most of the picture takes place there and they were extremely generous and patient with us. Deep was back at Easy Street today, so the sound duties went to my buddy George Tramountanas, who I've known since we worked together at Atom Films. It all worked out since this was also the first day for George's son, Manoli, who played Clone Kid. Actually, it was another big day of firsts. Emily Laue (Clone Mom), Amanda Stoddard (Daisy) and Kirsten Barber (Clone Friend) also had their first days in front of the camera.

(Dave is not welcome at the clones' dinner table)

Tyler was technically the first clone on set, but this was the first time we had the clones for the entire day. Tiffany did an amazing job on the makeup and Emily instantly inhabited the character. It was a real joy to see her at work.

Working with Manoli, who is probably second only to Don for screen time, was great. Since he had to do homework when he wasn't acting he was especially anxious to get to his scenes. Kids can sometimes get impatient during long days of shooting and while I'm sure he felt fidgety at times he was a real trooper and stuck out the long days and multiple takes (read what George has to say about it on his BLOG).

(A little clone (Manoli) gets an eye full)

The highlight of the day may have been the makeout scene between Don and Amanda. Aside from Don's diaper scene it was the most buzzed about with the cast and crew and I know I was a little nervous about it. Don and Amanda came up with the business of getting his sweater vest off and when it came time to do the scene, and it went off without a hitch (although the room temp may have gone up a few degrees).

(Clone Friend (Kirsten) and Clone Mom (Emily) are shocked to see what their pets are up to.)

Kirsten, played Daisy's owner, and in classic fashion, she didn't know she'd be in the movie until the last minute when a friend had to drop out because of some urgent developments at work. Sorry Kirsten, I promise next time we'll give you at least a week's notice! ;) Despite juggling all her many responsibilities and the last minute casting, she was great.

Since we were shooting weekdays, we only had Manoli for two days - George was good enough to pull him from class so he could be in the movie - so we had to cram a lot in those two days. Our ambitious schedule proved a little too ambitious and we were forced to delay a couple shots that we'll need to grab later on in pick ups.

More to come...

(Dave, Daisy (Amanda Stoddard) and the little clone play with slinkys)

And before I forget, Chance has posted a few great stills from his segment, "Overtime," on his blog HERE.

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