Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Pets" Day One

April 26th...

The first day turned out to be the most difficult day of the shoot, which is a little ironic because it was supposed to be the easiest. We shot mostly on location at Carkeek Park and didn't have to start until noon.

(Don Black as Dave before rolling the first shot)

The night before, our lead actor, Don Black (star of the great movie Bicycle Lane), got into town. Don and I picked up Deep Dasgupta (sound guy, brilliant filmmaker in his own right) and Chris Caballero who would be playing one of the forest thugs.

(Tyler Harkey and Chris Cab as Forest Thugs)

At the park we met up with the talented Tiffany Lowry who did makeup for us and Tyler Harkey who played the second forest thug and would later help us out on the last day of shooting. Tabby McKinney (producer) and Kirsten Barber (production design and wardrobe) came by once they got off work.

(Dave tries to convince the Forest Thugs not to kick his ass)

Aside from wading in what we would latter learn was bacteria infested water, sound and rain were the biggest issues. Airplanes seem to be all over the place whenever you shoot in Seattle and today was no exception. Even worse though was the rain, which made it extremely uncomfortable and really slowed us down. I had to sacrifice some shots I wanted to get and I was a little concerned about the camera short circuiting, but the mighty T2i held out and I think we got everything we needed if not everything I wanted.

After a quick dinner, we got to work shooting the dumpster set in our apartment. Kirsten made an amazing set out of a cut piece of masonite. Using some spray paint, acrylics and coffee grounds it looked great and I don't think you'd notice that it wasn't real on screen except that now you'll be looking for it. ;)

This was also the first day Tyler Bromley donned the clone makeup. Tiffany did an amazing job designing and applying the makeup. With Kirsten's wardrobe and the actors' performances, I think we've created some really unique and memorable characters on a low, low budget.

(Tyler Bromley as Clone Dad)

Note: All images are frame grabs without any grading.

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