Thursday, February 5, 2009

Notes from a Bridesmaid.

So we didn’t make it into SXSW. According to the rejection letter, we just didn’t make the final cut. This may be a simple case of creative wording, but I like to take it at face value, that we didn’t make the FINAL cut. I also like to think that it was between us and Spike Lee and that we really gave Spike a run for his money. Little known fact: Spike Lee is a whiz with a Kitchen Aid and convection oven and he makes a mean éclair. Me, I squeeze a tube with a smiling Quaker on the side and cookie dough comes out. Coincidence? I think there are bigger things at work here.

Now we wait and see how things go with the next round of submissions.

Either way, MRR is picture locked (for now) and aside from adjusting a few levels and inserting a few cues (when they’re done) audio is nearly complete too.

It’s about time too. I’m trying to ease the transition from MRR to my next film. Won’t say much now, but I’m really excited about it. Kirsten and I are working on the script and doing some research. Tabby, producer of People Of Earth, is coming to Seattle to produce, and she’s even bringing her assistant, Deep.

Anyone have an HVX that they’re willing to rent for cheap?


Anonymous said...

Would you mind telling me if your film was a short or feature? I've been trying to scour your blog looking for a film run time.

Good luck on your future festival entries; I'm sure you'll find your audience!

Mike Harring said...

Sorry for the confusion! We're a feature film, currently clocking in at around 75 min. Thanks for reading!

britta said...

Hey Mike! A new script, a new day. Hot diggity dog, that's exciting.

Hope to see you 'round the 'hood again. Or maybe at the Neptune? We're getting Watchmen on the 6th.

Mike Harring said...

Hey Britta!

I'm pretty excited about the new project... if I can only get some time to work on it! : )

I'm finally getting back out into movie theaters, made it to the Film Forum twice last week. I'm also finally getting excited for Watchmen, a friend lent me the comic and I'm really digging it.