Friday, March 28, 2008

Rally Day!

While Deep tackles a particularly tricky scene, I thought I’d take a moment to share a great bit ‘o news with you all.

Yesterday we got the okay from Bill Badgley of Federation X to use the song Rally Day (from the same titled album) by Federation X in the film! It means a lot to me, Federation X is an awesome band and ever since it occurred to me to use this song in this movie I’d been hoping we would get permission (way to go, Andrew!)!

It’s nice to know that while some things (this scene for example) can be a real pain in the ass, other things can come together like a dream.

If you haven’t heard Federation X yet, you should! Go HERE and listen to "The Hatchetman" first (not the song that will be in the movie but still a classic). It’s from the great album, “American Folk Horror,” an album which I used to play real loud in my Honda Accord with the windows rolled down so that everyone would think I was a bad ass. It didn’t work, but that wasn’t the fault of the record!

In related news, Bill shared with us that he’s working on his own film. It’s a doc on another legendary NW band, Karp. Check out the preview below!

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