Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Where you at right now, soldier?!"

.I'm in San Francisco.
.I'm at the Grand Canyon.
.I'm in a cabin on the Oregon Coast.
.I'm at the Getty Center.
.I'm at home brushing my teeth at home with my electric toothbrush.
.I'm watching 'Project Runway', then 'Arrested Development', then '30 Rock', then 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' at Megaen's house. It's getting late.
.I'm riding my bike to work.
.I'm at the College Inn on a Monday night. Nachos are half-price.
.I'm on the bus into Denali National Park. (And the Mountain is out!)
.I'm at The Decemberists show with Marian.
.I'm at Trudy's in Austin, TX.
.I'm in a dark movie theatre, re-watching THERE WILL BE BLOOD.
.I'm at Disneyland.
.I'm driving to Savannah, GA.
.I'm on a train from Savannah to DC.
.I'm on the Chinatown bus from DC to NYC.
.I'm in the photo booth at the Cha Cha lounge.
.I'm on the ferry to Victoria, BC.
.I'm walking around Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC.
.I'm at the Varsity enjoying a BCC club meeting (special guest: Danielle!)
.I'm listening to music in my basement bedroom.
.I'm driving aimlessly around Seattle in the middle of the night.
.I'm out to dinner with my mom.
.I'm at Chipotle, eating a burrito with my dad.
.I'm watching flawless prints of BLUE, WHITE, and RED in Theatre #1 at the Varisty.
.I'm camping at Glacier National Park.
.I'm in Room 104.

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