Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So close I can taste it!

Today we filmed the last scene of the movie... It was so rewarding to see the slate read "THE END" and watch that last scene play out before my nearly tearing up eyes... I had such an overwhelming sense of pride for everyone involved in this movie... The realization of what all this madness has been for hit me... this wild collaboration... it has been worth it... I've been frustrated, I've cried over missing alarm clocks for continuity reasons and fretted about missing scarves absent from wardrobe... But I cannot wait to see Mikey's movie! And everything will be wonderful... Just you wait and see!

Our last scene a rad shot, and we were set up in the middle of the road... Check out this photo of our ever-so-incredible director and director of photography... What a regal duo! We've gotten our river... we've gotten our road... and I've been begging for our mountain, which I think we will get tomorrow and end this shoot the right way... Tomorrow is our last day! woo-#$&%ing-hoo!

By the way, this last scene contains Mikey's elusive camio appearance ;) I'm so proud of everyone who has given up nearly a month of their life to create this masterpiece, most of all the brains behind the operation, who I am lucky enough to be madly in love with...

Thanks to all for a life changing experience!

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