Thursday, January 24, 2008

Homeward bound, wrap party imminent...

I'm here at the's about ten minutes 'til 1 pm Pacific. Mike, Ryan and assorted other crew members are out shooting b-roll, packing suitcases, exploring Kernville and Lake Isabella, makin' time with our last few hours here. 

I've had an excellent time working with this crew! I have done what I hoped to do on this shoot: I have captured the performances of the actors, and learned plenty about what I will and won't do next time. I have made new friends and have seen and heard things I would likely not have experienced otherwise. Some personal firsts on this trip include: 

tracking audio in a moving car, 
tracking dialogue in a moving car
visiting the Sierra Nevadas
rolling a scene without telling the extras
having a dedicated audio log crew member (thanks so much Kirsten Barber!)

There are other firsts to add to the list...I will probably recollect them while travelling home to Columbia City tomorrow. 

I'm glad I came along for this production, and I look forward to working with Mike et al. on the post-production phase of the film. Mike has stated that he's going for Final Picture within the next nine months...between you and me I think the months are going to fly by! My job will be to bring as much of the timbre, inflection, whispers and laughs of Jeff, Tom, the Scotts, the staff of the Kern Lodge and Cat to the audience as possible. Mike and I will work out a post-production schedule that will work with everyone's busy lives (mine included...this Monday I'm back at CRAB, 9-6, rebuilding PTO and working my tail off). We will work to get The Mountain, The River and The Road to Final Picture status as quickly as possible. 

Stay tuned, true believers...

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