Thursday, January 31, 2008

Having a film baby...

I've mentioned this to friends before, but it bears repeating: Making a film is like having a baby.

Now, women who have had children might be saying, "You don't know what you're talking about!" But when I explained my comparisons, even my wife (who I somehow convinced to bear my children) even admitted I could be right.

Let's see what it feels like to make a movie:

--You get stressed

--You ask yourself why you're doing this

--You can't sleep comfortably

--Your emotions are a roller coaster

--Your stomach hurts

--Certain foods seem unappealing

--You get constipated

--You get a bit afraid

--You say lots of prayers

--You privately cry

--You tell yourself you're never doing this again

--You try to convince yourself that the end result is going to be worth all this pain

--You start to question the meaning of life

--You get lots of opinions from people who have no idea what they're talking about

--The pain and discomfort ebbs and flows for nine months, and then...

You give birth to a bouncy baby film. And you love that film - the good and not-so-good parts. And you recollect all that you went through, and smile at the craziness of it. And then, one day, you contemplate doing the whole thing again.

Does that sound about right to all you mothers out there?

Oh yeah, and that last part I said at the end might be moot if your baby is born with colic. ;)

Keep it up, Daddy Mikey!

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