Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My best day of shooting...

So Mike invited me to post on this blog., what was he thinking?

Well, I'll do my best not to let him down.

I've known Mike for close to 10 years, and he's finally seeing one of his dreams come true in making this film. I couldn't be prouder or more excited for the guy.

As a filmmaker myself, I'll admit I'm kind of envious...and a tad relieved.

Why relieved? I assume that most of you reading this are involved in the production in some way. You may even be helping out on the set. And if you are, you're going to be looking to Mike as the director. You'll also probably be curious as to what's going through his head.

When I direct, lots goes through my head. I won't bore you with all of it, but here are a few thoughts that run through my mind on my best day of shooting.

On the best day of shooting...

--I get my first shot off one hour later than planned.

--I only finish two hours behind schedule.

--I only misplace one piece of expensive equipment.

--my shooting ratio is only 35% higher than planned.

--my actors know 75% of their lines and can say them correctly by the fifth take.

--half of the shots I make come out the way I saw them in my head.

--I have at least three-quarters of the crew who said they'd be there.

--my actors look at me like there's a chance I know what I'm doing.

--my crew grumbles less than five times that we're running late and there are other things they'd prefer to be doing.

--I dream of quitting filmmaking to grow corn in Nebraska less than three times.

--I get lightheaded less than half a dozen times.

--I almost have an appetite.

--I only feel slightly overwhelmed all day instead of WAY overwhelmed.

Now, I'm a very neurotic guy. I can pass for being normal if you meet me, but if you get into my head, lord help you.

Mike, on the other hand, always has a calm demeanor. He makes you feel relaxed and like he's in control. However, he's still a filmmaker, so the thoughts that go through my head probably go through his. And even if his thoughts are only 10% of what I feel...pity the poor boy.

I'm letting you know all this - especially those of you on the crew - so you'll have an inkling of what Mike is going through over the next month. When you're on the set and it feels like things are taking forever, and you wonder if Mike realizes and appreciates all you're sacrificing...he does!

I know Mike and he is Grateful with a capital 'G,' and I know he always has the best interests of those around him in mind. So give him the benefit of the doubt these next few weeks. And when things seem tough and you're exhausted, take that feeling, multiply it by four, and that's where Mike will be. And then...hold onto your grumbles till wrap.

Mike is a smart, talented filmmaker, and I can't wait to see what Kernville brings. If you're on the set, you're lucky to be along for the ride.

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Mike Harring said...

Ha Ha! You're the best, George!