Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Comes Early!

Bounding up the stairs like a kid, my heart beat fast. It was a day early, but I just knew it had to be IT. And it was!

Two big ass boxes sat on my front porch along with two wide eyed UPS men. I’ll forgive you for imagining a totally different scenario, but I’m afraid I’ll have to shatter your little fantasy here. They were simply in awe of what are easily the largest and most expensive boxes I’ve ever received in the mail - these boxes cost more to send than most of the department budgets on this film! “Someone must like you!” they said as I signed their electronic signing machine.

You’d think it’s an early delivery from Saint Nick, but you’d be wrong (WRONG!)! It’s from my own personal Santy Claws, Chance Shirley.

And it contains the camera equipment we’re using to shoot The Mountain, The River and The Road.

I’ve never gone through so much Styrofoam Popcorn in my life.

Easily one of the most generous people I know, Chance not only lent me his camera – free of charge – but last time I was in Birmingham, Alabama for The Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, he and his wife Stacey put me up! You don’t make friends like this often.

Thanks again, Chance! One day I hope to get you back!


Anonymous said...

Merry ho-ho-ho to you! That's AWESOME!

kirsten said...

beautiful machinery!