Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Leading Lady

I'm proud to announce that we found Justin a co-star...drum roll please... Tipper Newton! If you've seen Joe Swanberg's LOL or Hannah Takes The Stairs (wrapping up this week at the Northwest Film Forum, by the way), then you're probably already aware of this talented actress. If not, get off your butt and check out LOL or Hannah Takes The Stairs. Lucky for you, Hannah is currently playing Seattle and LA right NOW!

I met Tipper at Sidewalk 2006 where she was representing for LOL along with Kevin Bewersdorf. I was there for "Small Little Thing." There isn't much more to the story except that I ran into glass table in a hotel lobby before Tipper urged Kyle McKinnon and myself upstairs with a bunch of other Sidewalkers where we witnessed Kent Osborne's other talent...

Okay so maybe it was more interesting than I let on. It was Sidewalk, after all! Big points to anyone who can name all the people in that video. Bigger points if you remember who operated the camera!

Anyway, the point is we met and when it came time to think someone who could play the female lead in The Mountain, The River and The Road, she immediately sprang to mind.

I can't stress what a huge thrill it is to have Tipper on board, we're lucky to have her! Welcome to the team, Tipper!

Also, Tipper is half of the musical sensation that is The Ice Cream Floats! Check 'em out!
Oh and here's one more bonus for you. Lynn Shelton snapped this awesome pic at Sidewalk during David Wingo's (of Ola Podrida) solo set. I wish I remember what I was talking about...must have been pitching the film! Ha Ha.

On an interesting side note. Is it a coincidence that Sidewalk plays such a big part in this entry when Sidewalk 2008 wrapped up last weekend? The world works in mysterious ways...


kirsten said...

Tipper is a dream! She's gunna make the purrrfet Kat :) Congratulations!

Lanna said...

She's exactly what I envisioned after reading your script. Good work!