Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ugly Isn't Ugly, It's A Movie...

Jason Ryan is the Assistant Director of The Mountain, The River and The Road.

He is also a filmmaker in his own right. Come support him on September 27 @ 7:30pm at the Rendezvous in Seattle at the fundraiser for his film, Ugly (is a movie). Cover is $5 and all proceeds go to helping Jason raise enough money to finish his film. Oh, and it's 21+.

Admission gets you a chance to see some of the work-in-progress footage of Ugly along with some of Jason's short films. If that wasn't enough you also get a set from The Correspondents.

I made it to the first fundraiser and was totally impressed both with the film and the event itself. After listening to some good music provided by bands you’ll probably find on the soundtrack you’ll be treated to a little under a half hour of the film, which is somewhere between Jim Jarmusch and Jean-Luc Godard, with some Brakhage thrown in for good measure.

Once, for a final project in film school, I got all liquored up (you know, for the nerves) and gave a presentation on the importance of experimental film for non-experimental. I argued that it could only enrich film art by inspiring narrative filmmakers to explore unconventional ways of communicating in a conventional medium. As an illustration, I offered up a comparison of Brakhage’s “Cat’s Cradle” against part of the finale of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. I think another example put a segment of Un Chien Andalou next to Kyle McLaughlin finding the ear in Blue Velvet. Some worked better than others...

Jason Ryan has been far more proactive than I in trying to create a bridge between narrative and experimental film, and it’s worth your attention.

Support a piece of art in progress.

More exciting news to come VERY soon. But for the mean time enjoy this Mutton Bustin' pic from the Puyallup Fair.


Juan Blanco said...

We missed you this weekend at Sidewalk. I am thinking we should do a mutton bustin' fundraiser here for you.

Mike Harring said...

One of the biggest sacrifices I had to make for this whole feature film thing was that I missed out on Sidewalk this year!

But then again, it's kind of a catch 22. You can't go to the fests if you don't make the films!

Man, if you can arrange a mutton bustin' fundraiser, you'd make me one happy boy! Seriously.

Miss you guys!