Monday, June 18, 2012

Scarecrow Video

Great short doc about Scarecrow Video.  I worked here for three years...oh man has it really been that long...about ten years ago!  This was my grad school.  I shots scenes here for my short, "Driving Around, Following Strangers" and for upcoming Lauren Is Missing.  Best video store in the world and sadly one of the last.


mgueva said...

Nice! I will admit that convenience is key. I mean, I'm a Netflix and Hulu plus junkie at this point and thinking of even walking down to Rain City video makes my brain hurt.

Scarecrow is badass, though, in that they have gone on this long and have accumulated such a HUGE amount of videos of various genres.

I like when he talks about how there was a certain section that got huge, so it had to get broken down into more sections. it's appreciating the little differences and not just clumping them for the sake of clumping.

Mike Harring said...

Yeah, it's not an easy issue. Before working at Scarecrow I would maybe rent a movie once or twice a week, maybe even just once or twice a month given I was living on Capitol Hill at the time. Working there you get used to being a gluttonous movie watcher, taking home eight flicks at a time. That was a lot more like my high school days when I'd do five movies for five days for five bucks. Unfortunately, greencine and netflix are the best way for me to satisfy my urge to binge watch.

That said, whenever I have a craving to watch a certain movie or a certain kind of movie I head over to Scarecrow. Without them you lose access to all sorts movies as they go out of print or are never reissued on new formats at all. The only online equivalent of such an archive would probably end up being a torrent site.

Hopefully they'll stick around for years to come!