Monday, April 4, 2011

WNET Reel 13 Preview

Sure he said the name a little weirdly, but hey, we're on a double feature with SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER! Now how cool is that?!

If the embed isn't working try this LINK.

Oh, and HERE'S the listing for the movie on their page.


Andrew said...

Just how beautiful this film is cannot be expressed in adequate words — at least for me, right now, having just viewed it.

From either the vantage point of a man or a woman, it is wrought with utter humanity and I appreciated every second of it.

To say how much it means to me would be an understatement; though I know why, we'll just leave it at that for now.

Thank you.

Mike Harring said...

Andrew –

Thanks for watching the movie and seeking out the blog! It’s really great to hear you had such a strong response to the film. Your kind words are greatly appreciated!

Thank YOU!