Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Go Joe, Go!

Don't know how I missed this, but including Uncle Kent at Sundance, Joe Swanberg has a total of three movies coming out right now! His other two movies are Silver Bullets and Art History, both of which are premiering in Berlin.

You can check out Joe's press materials on the two films over at his WEB PAGE.

While Silver Bullets doesn't seem to be about werewolves exactly (sad), it does involve a werewolf film within a film (rad)!

The synopsis:
An actress and her filmmaker boyfriend experience turbulence in their relationship when she accepts a role in a werewolf film. Her relationship with her new director blossoms while her boyfriend spirals into a dangerous depression.

The synopsis for Art History:
Tension mounts between a director and his lead actress on the set of a sexually explicit low-budget film. As the actress and her co-star develop real feelings for each other, the director's jealousy erupts and he begins sabotaging his own film.

Uncle Kent
is available to watch RIGHT NOW (or not, if you're like me and don't have cable) thanks to Sundance On Demand. And IndieWire has a nice review of it HERE.

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