Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oxford Film Festival Wrap Up!

My God, what an amazing time we had at the Oxford Film Festival!

What a warm and welcoming staff (my good luck with festivals continues)! Great films and filmmakers. It was a wonderful time all around.

It's not a party 'till the cops are called out and we were happy to oblige (sorry Melanie)!

If you have a chance to attend this festival I couldn't recommend it highly enough. With the focus on fewer smaller films that aren't necessarily surfing on buzz, there's a great sense of discovery, and thanks to the amazing job of the programmers, you feel like you're discovering movies that really are outstanding. It's criminal how some of these films aren't screening more!

In order to do my part to help out here are some of my favorites...

Bicycle Lane

Ruggies and Don have promised to move to Seattle where we're all going to live together!


I don't want to say too much about this movie, I'm including the trailer, but it's bigger than the trailer might lead you to believe. Extremely powerful, you won't be able to watch without being moved. PBS picked it up for Independent Lens, it's worth your time!


Fun and informative this doc will open your eyes while putting a smile on your face. While most docs might feel content just asking some of the questions put forth in the movie, it's extremely satisfying to see the filmmaker and his friends taking action and making change instead of idly standing by and asking someone else to do it.


Wheedle's Groove

Our Seattle partners in crime, director Jennifer Maas and editor Michelle Whitten decided to have a small get together in their hotel room after the awards ceremony. Word got out like wild fire and it became the official afterparty. Their magnetism is equally applicable to their film, Wheedle's Groove, which is about the little known Seattle Soul scene of the 60s and 70s.

More info...HERE!

Somewhere out there are photos of Jennifer and Michelle doing some wicked keg stands from the last night of the festival...

"I Am A Man - From Memphis, A Lesson In Life"

Finally, our friend John Hubble, who we met in Memphis, has taken his movie about the 1968 Sanitation Worker's strike all over the US, but that doesn't mean you should take it for granted.

I'm leaving quite a bit out so you should check out Todd Gilcrest's great write up of the fest for Cinematical, which you can read HERE.

You can see more festival photos HERE.

Also, just found THIS recap on Melanie's Site: Oxford Film Freak.

I miss you Oxford!!!

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