Friday, April 18, 2008

Don't Call it a Come Back!

So I’m back in Seattle. Actually, I’ve been back for about two weeks now, but it sure doesn’t seem like it. I’ve been GO since I’ve been back, struggling to catch up with one thing or the other.

Fun fact, when I got back my car wouldn’t start. When I finally got around to finding some jumper cables and gettin’ it revved, I found out someone broke into it! This is the fourth time my car’s been broken into, including the time it was flat out stolen (it turned up in Enumclaw). The worst part of having a ’94 Accord is how easy it is to break into. Now that I’ve had a few lessons, I can probably break into any ’94 Accord. Handy info if times get hard.

Of course, it sounds like a bigger deal than it was. As long as they don’t break anything I can get along just fine (last time they broke the window, stole the radio, and busted the little change holder). Also, no bodily fluids please.

Back to things MRR, Deep and I got the film to a ROUGH CUT. By rough, I do mean rough, there’s plenty more work to be done. We spent most of our time on the key scenes to make sure we had the moments that make it all worthwhile. We do.

For your entertainment, here’s a few pics from Louisiana.


Marivic said...

You need to get a new car. I remember when they stole your stereo with your CD in it. You said they wouldn't even appreciate the CD. Next time we hang out, I'll drive.

Mike Harring said...

Right on. Since this post, my car was broken into a second time. That ties less than six months in Fremont with three years in LA!