Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Do you have the bug now?

It isn't about fame or fortune or f**king movie stars!!!

Making films is about having an addiction to collective creativity.

Working, eating, sleeping, partying and -- above all else -- experiencing a group of kindred spirits of all different backgrounds and personalities who have come together, either by luck or design or both, to create something truthfully organic.

It's as primal as early man inventing the first drum and showing it off to the rest of his tribe.

And in a day-and-age when cellphones and computers coldly disconnect us from each other, it's nice to know the arts is one haven where the human spirit still exists and thrives and will continue to do so.

So, do you have the bug now?... I think I can honestly say the whole cast and crew of "The Mountain, the River and the Road" does. (Or maybe it was just forgotten and revived?)


See ya all in prison (or the next shoot)...

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